Bliss Close Out 2013 Homestand With Beat Down Of Las Vegas Sin

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It was a game in which came with a lot of hype, the Las Vegas Sin were playing their first game of the 2013 season, and the Chicago Bliss were playing in their last home game of the 2013 season.

Not much changed from last game for the Bliss to begin as running back Chrisdell Harris took one of what would turn into a four touchdown performance in to give the Bliss an early lead. "Ferrari" Harris looked more like a female-Adrian Peterson out there as and early turnover by Vegas turned into another Harris touchdown.

Vegas finally answered with their own score when Carmen Bourseau plowed into the end-zone, but the Bliss weren't done scoring in the first half. Rookie Alli Alberts, who took a devastating blow against the LA Temptation proved her words "I wanted to show game 1 was a fluke" and did just that when she made a very athletic catch off the pass from quarterback, Heather "Rockstar" Furr.

Much Ado About Nothing for the Sin in the second half as the Bliss and "Ferrari" Harris came out and scored the third and fourth touchdowns on a night of her epic performance. Bourseau, who seemed to the most consistent and ready-to-perform player for the Sin came out and put up her second and her team's final score of the night. 

Final score: Bliss 34 Sin 12

Coming into the season expecting a lot of production in the option offense, Coach Hac said "we made the decision to let Chrisdell take over games, and she showed us it was the right call tonight". Furr added her own comments saying "Chrisdell was great, if we continue to have this consistency and chemistry, we'll be tough to beat."

Rockstar Furr told the Las Vegas Sin to "watch out" after their loss to the LA Temptation, so after this win what does she have to say for her opponents in Green Bay and Minnesota? "Well, I guess, watch out. They'll have this film to look at and prepare on, but we'll be ready."

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