Steve Cummins

"The Sport's Fanatic" with Steve C.

A Weekly Show about the hottest topics in the world of sports. Including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, NASCAR and everything in-between. I have my Guru's who will weigh in each week and discuss those hot topics in each perspective sport. NFL: Eric "Big Dog" Salinas, Award Winning Youth Championship Football Coach-Vast knowledge of the sport of football from youth to pro, current season ticket holder for the University of Southern California Trojans. NBA: Chavis "Big C" Carpenter, intense lover of the game of basketball from High School to Pro's and has a extremely Hi-IQ of the intricacies of the sport. NHL: Marc "Big Mac" Cummins Started playing Hockey at the age of 5 and as far as sports goes, it's the only one he truly follows, very intense in-depth honesty about the NHL and those who represent the league. NASCAR: Bruce "Smokin" McDermot Worked for NASCAR Royalty with Rouse Racing & Rusty Wallace Enterprise among others, has in-depth knowledge of every track in the country as well as the drivers and the fight for the championship.

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