Michael Carter Williams on the BULLS - our thoughts

by Manny Roman

When the Bulls trade for Michael Carter-Williams was announced initially I was jumping for joy for two reasons. The first of those reasons being we got rid of Tony Snell who, alongside Marquis Teague, was one of the worst draft picks in recent memory for the Bulls. He is a player that has very little to offer besides being an average three point shooter at 35% for his career. The other reason I was excited was that we were getting a very talented player in Michael Carter-Williams. Not only that but the Bulls got away with highway robbery only having to give up a player like Snell to get him. 
William’s journey since coming in the league has actually been a very successful one. In his three seasons in the league thus far he is averaging 14.5 points per game with 6 assists and 5.6 rebounds per game as well. This is a player that at 6’6” is a point guard with the physical ability of a small forward which is why he is able to be so well rounded in his productivity. At just 25 years of age there is room to grow for this Hamilton, Massachusetts native and it is evident in his numbers, that he is making the strides in the right direction. 
Now, normally, if a player is coming off a career low in points per game you would not think the arrow is pointing upward but with Carter-Williams it was not about his points that makes him a promising guy but his efficiency in scoring. He shot 45% from the field last season which is far better than his previous season. Not only that, he shot a career high from three point range last season. Granted, it was only 27%, but with a coach that loves the three point shot in Fred Hoiberg that can really bode well for him. Also when he is learning from guys like Dwayne Wade and Rajon Rondo it will only help his ability to distribute the ball to his teammates and use his size to his advantage offensively. 
The biggest contribution that Carter-Williams will have on this team is on the defensive end. He is joining one of the worst defensive teams in the league last season and he will see more than his fair share of minutes if he is able to contribute as well as he normally does defensively. For his career, he averages nearly two steals per game which is well above league average. What is also nice is that, with his size, Carter-Williams has the ability to guard multiple positions. Because of this, he will be able to play multiple positions off the bench for this Bulls team. 
All in all, this was an outstanding move for this Bulls team. If Rondo does not stay for the second year of his deal with the Bulls, I think the Bulls will have a fine player to step into his place as starting point guard. Michael Carter-Williams is versatile, and a good defender which are both traits the Bulls needed more of so I commend them making this move. Bulls fans should be very excited to see with this young guy can bring to the floor for this team for now and for years to come. 

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