Will The Real Chicago Please Stand Up 

Article by: Michael Beard 

Here we are a month in, and just like every other start to a baseball season, there has been 

plenty to talk about. From teams like the Yankees and Astros who just can’t seem to get it 

going, to the exact opposite side of equation in the Chicago White Sox and Washington 

Nationals who are on fire. The Chicago Cubs are really no big surprise for baseball fans at this 

point seeing what they did in 2015 and this offseason, and it looks like they are just getting 

warmed up. 

The Cubs are still the favorite to win the World Series for the first time since 1908. That is in 

large part due to Theo Epstein. He has put together a team that plays fundamental baseball. It 

really isn’t rocket science if you break it down. The Cubs have great pitching, power, and timely 

hitting. The other team from Chicago, the White Sox, have been playing great baseball as well. 

Although they didn’t make as much noise as the Cubs this offseason, they made moves that to 

this point, have paid great dividends for them. The last time the Cubs and Sox both finished 

with winning records was 2008 and they each won division titles that year. It’s good to be a 

Chicago fan, but other teams in baseball just might have something to say as well. 

The Washington Nationals have this guy you may have heard of by now named Bryce Harper. 

As of the start of this year, there have rumblings of him being the best player in the game and 

he has garnered the attention of all of baseball. While starting to earn intentional walks due to 

how dangerous his bat is, he still has nine homeruns already this year. And oh yea, the 

Nationals starting five have a major league best 2.21 ERA. It should be fun when the Cubs and 

Nats face off this weekend in Wrigley. As of right now they are two of the best teams in the 

game and this looks to be a potential post season match up this year. 

The White Sox are taking on the Boston Red Sox for another potential post season matchup this 

week. The Red Sox were the worst team in the AL East last year and are looking to build upon 

their early season success. The Bo Sox made some key acquisitions to improve their pitching 

this off season, but the White Sox have some pretty good arms of their own to counter those 

moves. Chris Sale has looked lights out so far this season and is the first six game winner in 

baseball. Not to mention Adam Eaton is playing out of his mind currently. Both of these teams 

have seen impressive performances from their teams as a whole so far and it looks like they will 

both stay on that course for the remainder of the year barring injuries. Stay tuned for more 

match ups and updates throughout the season.

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