Possible Bulls Free Agent Targets

I looked at some targets the Chicago Bulls could target in free agency. 

Jrue Holiday is known for his tough defense. He is a former Allstar point guard. I personally think he is very underrated. He has shot 36% from 3s for his career. He is a really good two-way player and I think the Bulls can get him for a good price for both parties. 

Let’s be real. Patty Mills is a better point guard than any of the point guards on the Bulls current roster. In his career, he is shooting 40% from behind the three point line. He is that player that you don’t want to go against. He takes his matchups personal and I love that. Mills will seek his first big contract of his career, so it should be interesting to see if the Bulls at least offer him a contract. 

Next up is J. J. Redick. He will soon be 33 years old. Reddick is expected to play in a new team next season. He is a 42% career shooter from behind the three. Reddick is likely seeking a deal worth more than $17M/yr. He is a very streaky shooter and the Bulls could definitely use him. 

Paul Millsap is a very interesting player. He is 32 years old. It’s unclear if Millsap will return to the Hawks next season. He can stretch the floor as he can make outside shots. Millsap could be seeking a near $20M/yr deal. It’s unlikely the Bulls will even offer Millsap a contract but you never know. 

 Danilo Gallinari is gonna be 29 before next season begins. He is basically everything the Bulls needed Niko Mirotic to be. He can create his owns. Gallinari is coming off two great seasons averaging 19.5ppg and 18.2ppg. If the Bulls let Niko go, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Bulls make a run at Danilo. 

George Hill is coming off a great season with the Jazz. He averaged around 17ppg and shooting 40% from the three-point line. He is 30 years old. He is a very good defender. He is a player thar plays under control. He would be a great addition to the Bulls. 

It should be a very interesting offseason for the Chicago Bulls.

-Dan Greenberg

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