Randy Mulder and the Rides for his Son

By Paul Pleticha-

Mychal Mulder is a NBA G-League guard for the Windy City Bulls, and he played his college ball for the Kentucky Wildcats after playing his freshman and sophomore years in Indiana at Vincennes University. He has been playing basketball since the age of six in Canada. Thru high school, college and now in the NBA G-League there has been a constant at every home game and many road games and that constant is his father Randy Mulder. “Mychal has been a player since he was about six years old. I have gone to all the home games and about 85% of the practices and it’s been a long journey. It’s about 400 miles each way from Canada so this year I have driven about 20,000 miles.” Randy talking about his season of traveling. Mychal spoke about his dad at the games. “It’s great for me, my dad has been a support system since I was little. I don’t remember him ever missing a game, moving forward to junior college I went to school about eight hours away from my home and he never missed a home game and two years later at Kentucky he never missed a home game and now coming here. Just always someone to be there to support me, it doesn’t matter how I play because I know that he is gonna encourage me and support me.” 

This season alone Randy Mulder has been to Newfoundland and Labrador, New York, Canton, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Grand Rapids, Toronto, Westchester, and Erie just so he can watch Mychal play. However there are certain games that Randy can not make it to however Randy spoke about what he does when he can’t make it. “I text him good luck before every game and there are certain games I can’t see so Mychal will call me and he tells me how he did.” Growing up Randy was a big influence on Mychal in basketball. “My teammates treated him as an assistant coach, he was at every practice and he held me and them to a high standard as well. Basically he just instilled a hardworking mind sight right from the jump, I remember when I was young he said it doesn’t matter how you play but you gotta work hard.” Mychal speaking on the influence his dad had on his basketball life.    

The Mulders exemplify dedication and being supportive. Traveling 20,000+ miles from Canada to the United States for his son and watching him play basketball. Mychal always has shown that with his dedication and hard working attitude for the love of the game of basketball.

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