Jack Heinrich

My name is Jack Heinrich and I am the host of Chi-Town Sports Wrap up on SportstownChicago.com. I am from Hoffman Estates, IL and I graduated from Fremd High School in Palatine in 2016, and started going to the Illinois Media School in July of 2019.  I have had a passion for sports my whole life, I played basketball and baseball till freshman year of high school, and I love talking about all things sports. Also, I love going to games whether it is Chicago teams like the Cubs or Northwestern or any teams I love being in the ballpark, stadium or arena.  My favorite sport is baseball, I love every part of the game from all the different stats to the strategy of who should hit here or what pitcher should face this certain hitter.  I am hoping to become a play-by-play announcer or be a part of a sports talk show when I graduate from the Illinois Media School.